How To Get Url Params in React

By Henri Parviainen

React url params

Getting access to url params may be crucial to make your application work as intended. In this post, we will explain several ways how you can get access to url params (also known as query params) in React apps.

Let's say we have the following url, and we want access to the post param value.

Using the Browser API and Window Object

One way to get url param value in React would be by using the browser API and its window object.

const params = new URLSearchParams(;
const paramValue = params.get("post");

// paramValue == 123

Before using this approach, regard that URLSearchParams is not supported by IE.

If you need to support IE, use the approach explained below.

Using React Router

If you are using React Router, you can use the React router's location object to get your current location instead of window.location.

You can get access to it in any component that inherits from Route by simply getting it from the props.;

There are two solutions to parse the url param value out of the location object's search field.

1. With query-string library (if there is a need for IE Support)

First, you will have to install the query string library.

npm install query-string

Then you can use it to parse the search field like this.

import * as queryString from "query-string";

let params = queryString.parse(;

// params == {'post': 123}

2. With the URLSearchParams API (if no need for IE support)

If you are using react-router and don't care to support IE you can also parse the location object search field with the URLSearchParams API just as we did it before.

let paramValue = new URLSearchParams("post");

// paramValue == 123


Here we explained three different solutions to get url params in React apps. There are other solutions as well, but these are three simple working solutions that I prefer.